Procurement Consultancy Services

Procurement Consultancy for the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sector

Espaze is the Procurement Consultancy for the chemical, pharma and medical device sectors.

In this highly regulated industry where safety and quality are our priorities, it’s easy to feel that our costs have gotten out of control.

Cost savings in your supply chain directly boost your bottom line. At Espaze, we follow our Strategic Framework to find opportunities for cost savings, highlight risk areas and streamline buying processes.

We believe that your suppliers should be powering your business goals, not draining your cash.


Procurement Audit

Highlight opportunities to boost your bottom line with a Procurement Audit. Find practical ways to make cost reductions and create value from your supply chain for just £1,500

Project Support

Implement changes needed to boost your supply chain. This could be sourcing new suppliers, tendering an area of spend or adding KPIs. Eliminate pain points and make savings with procurement projects

Procurement Strategy

Create a long term vision for your supply chain to power your business goals and let you focus on your core expertise. Make your supply chain work for you and add value to your business.

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